Beverly Hills Project, September 2016

"Jamie has decorated my house and two of my therapy offices. All have turned out beautifully. Jamie has an innate ability to listen to what a client wants and bring it to life. I can't count how many times people have walked into my home or office and the first thing they ask is, 'Who did your decorating?' My vibe is light, beachy and a mix of classic and modern, and Jamie was able to hone in on that and create sanctuaries for me at work and home that I love to spend time in. I would recommend her without hesitation to anyone that wants to create a dream environment at home or work."

Los Angeles Project, August 2015

"Jamie is a gem. She is trustworthy, respectful of budgets, has ideas for lower-cost design options that look great, and has amazing design taste. 

Jamie helped us with a house redesign. We live in a very small house and were expecting our first child. We needed to optimize our storage options throughout the house, refresh our interior decorating, and furnish a nursery. We had never worked with an interior decorator and were a little nervous to, but it was such a pleasant and easy experience. We are in love with our house, and we loved working with Jamie." (Houzz)

Westchester Project, June 2014

"I contacted Jamie while on a while on a trip out of state in regard to designing a home office space for my growing business. Before I ever made it home, Jamie had already presented me with options of various furniture styles and color schemes to get an idea of what my overall taste and objective was. Having been familiar with Jamie's past projects, and her collective tastes and design skill, I gave her a good amount of creative freedom to do with the project what she felt was best. The result was nothing short of spectacular: bright, colorful, balanced, serene, eclectic and, most importantly, inspiring. 

What was perhaps most impressive was that, despite the creative freedom she was given, she provided an end result that was unequivocally tailored to my personality and tastes. 

In addition to being incredibly beautiful and pleasant to work with, Jamie left no detail overlooked. She worked fast, clean and skillfully in everything from painting, mounting, customizing furniture, framing and staging - she did it all, and did so with care. 

Because of Jamie I have an unparalleled sacred space for myself to focus on what I love to do most. There's no doubt in my mind that I would hire Jamie again, and I would most certainly recommend her to anyone looking for a hard-working and tremendously talented designer." (Houzz)

 Sherman Oaks Bedroom Project, February 2014

"Jamie B. is great to work with. She redid our bedroom to make it more organized and functional to create a more peaceful space. She even worked out a very cool custom bed design that allowed us to hide our television in the footboard. We love our room now and find it to be very romantic and restorative. Jamie not only has great design sense but is an awesome organizer, which makes her excellent at solving spatial problems. She stayed on schedule, on budget and was very thoughtful in her decision-making process, which we always felt a part of. I would hire Jamie again and highly recommend her as a designer." (Houzz)

Chatsworth Home Office Project, September 2013

"I met Jamie B Interiors after my son used her service to do over his entire apartment. When I saw the apartment afterwards I was blown away. What talent! 

I personally was thinking of doing my home office over. I kept procrastinating but when I saw the work that was done in his apartment, I decided to meet with Jamie B Interiors. 

When I met Jamie she was on time, professional, and had a calm manner about herself. 

We discussed the project that I had in mind, and all the while she never tried to impose what she wanted on me. We discussed the importance of functionality of the room. 

On our second meeting, she brought a sketch of her vision of the room, all the while keeping my wishes in check. 

At that point I hired her and the job was uneventful. There was no chaos or drama. She showed up during the installations and stayed here until everything was to both our likings. She is not above digging into the job and getting her hands dirty. 

Jamie Is extremely talented and my home office turned out beautiful and functions well. 

I highly recommend Jamie as an interior decorator and plan on using her services again." (Houzz)

Atwater Village Project, June 2013

"Jamie B Interiors took minimal direction from me - a few, disparate and eclectic interests I have (country music, punk aesthetic, David Lynch and mid-century furniture) and built out a fully-fleshed out realization for my home. Not only did she follow my vague direction, but she also FAR exceeded my expectations and had a TRUE vision that she executed with precision AND professionalism. She's also just a straight-up amazing human who works with clarity and integrity and compassion. Far and away one of the best professional experiences I've ever had - design-wise or any other. HIGHLY recommended." (Houzz)

Culver City Project, April 2013

"Jamie was a dream to work with. Her stylish suggestions, her excellent and hip taste, her tact at suggesting 'well, maybe not,' are beyond expectation. I really appreciate that she keeps an eye on the budget at all times. I LOVE my new furniture and decor and don't believe I've ever felt that way about a living space before. Not only do I give Jamie the highest recommendation, I look forward to working with her again and referring her to friends and colleagues." (Houzz)

Mar Vista Project, March 2013

"Absolutely love, love, love Jamie. I hesitated to hire a designer for so long because most of the design I see is boring and cookie cutter (and I used to work in the Pacific Design Center... so I know). I wanted mid century chic with a rock 'n' roll edge. Classy, fun and nothing sterile! Jamie had the taste and direction to meet my objectives. 

Jamie has a knack for taking your individual taste, accenting it with color and creating magic. I was working with a smallish budget and was still amazed by how we were able to pull off so much for so little. Not to mention, she's a born organizer too. If you're a bit of a 'stuff aficionado' as I am, Jamie will help you streamline your stuff and find a way to make it look beautiful. For me, this was a lot of books and a lot of vinyl records. 

My place feels like a HOME now. Before it felt like somewhere I dumped my clothes before I jetted off to my next business trip (and I'm always in the air). Now, I look forward to going home and most of all, am so proud my home reflects my individuality." (Houzz)

Burbank Project, March 2013

"As a designer, I'm not inclined to ask just anyone to help me sort out my personal space. But having admired some of Jamie's past work, I was happy to invite her in. First of all, she's a pleasure to work and collaborate with. Secondly, she has a Rain Man-esque ability to walk into a room and immediately visualize how best to use the space. And thirdly, she has a unique sensibility and truly excellent taste. 

Most importantly, perhaps, is that her focus in consultations considers equally creating a space that you enjoy being in and using it efficiently. In the end, she trains style and substance to peacefully co-exist." (Houzz)

Hollywood Project, January 2013

"I moved into a 2+2 from a studio and needed some help creating a nurturing and aesthetically pleasing space. Jamie helped me with my bathrooms, office and living room, and my place looks awesome. She was also mindful that I live with my fiance and decorated to both of our likings. Everyone that comes over has positive comments to say about our place. She's the sweetest most talented southern gal!" (Houzz)